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Contents include: articles on The Nature and Perceived Effects of Bipositivity Among Plurisexual Women; Predictors of Psychological Distress for Bi + Individuals during the COVID-19 Pandemic; and more

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Contents include: articles on Contested Sexual Identities and Bi + Identity Disclosure Experiences; An Examination of Protective Factors for Bisexual Stigma and Alcohol Use among Heavy Drinking Young Bisexual Women; The Association Between…

Contents include articles on: narratives of bisexual college student identity negotiation, the experience of bi-negativity in mixed gender relationships, the high prevalence of depression symptoms among bisexual women, and more.

Contents include: articles on The Impact of Provider Biphobia and Microaffirmations on Bisexual Individuals’ Treatment-Seeking Intentions, Diverse Bisexual Women’s Sexual Assault Experiences and Effects on Bisexual Identity, Binegative Myths in…

Contents include: articles on Outness, Discrimination, and Depressive Symptoms Among Bi + Women: The Roles of Partner Gender and Sexual Identity, Bisexuality and Health Care, Janelle Monáe vs. Katy Perry: Depiction of Bi + Identities and Relationship…
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