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Women & Aging, vol. 36, no. 1-3.pdf
Contents include: articles on Menopausal symptoms and attitudes; Women's body representations across the life course; Only daughters caring for their aging mothers; and more

Contents include: articles on Grounds-Based Distinctions: Contested Starting Points in Equality Law; A Conversation on Feminism, Ableism, and Medical Assistance in Dying; and more

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Contents include: articles on Obesity, diabetes & women’s health: the perfect storm looming in the horizon; Factors influencing clinical trial participation of women with fibromyalgia across the United States: a cross-sectional survey; and more

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Contents include: articles on Disabilities and Opioids among Pregnant Women; The Need for Mental Health Promotion Among Pregnant Women

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Contents include: articles on What really matters for returning to work after breast cancer? A 6-month exploratory study; The relationship between primary ovarian insufficiency and gene variations: a prospective case-control study; The effect of…

Contents include: articles on Why Young Women Who Use Opioids Are at Risk for Rape: The Impact of Social Vulnerabilities and Sexually Coercive Drug Using Contexts; Speaking Out on Sexualized Violence Through Artistic Storytelling in Post-conflict…

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Contents include: articles on Contested Sexual Identities and Bi + Identity Disclosure Experiences; An Examination of Protective Factors for Bisexual Stigma and Alcohol Use among Heavy Drinking Young Bisexual Women; The Association Between…

Contents include: articles on Mandating Disability Education in Medicine: A Call to Action; Supporting Female Leaders in Higher Education through an Understanding of Psychological Type; Providing Accessible Housing on Campus; and more.

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Contents include articles on: climate change and women's health, decoding global reproductive health discourse on Reddit, comparative cross-sectional study on sexual function of couples during pregnancy, and more.

Contents include: articles on The impact of relationship status on IVF patients’ quality of life; Improving menstrual health knowledge among girls from Iran: the effectiveness of educational health belief model; Assessing menopause symptoms in women…
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