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Contents include: articles on Fantasies of Valentina: RuPaul's Drag Race and the Performance of Trans/Queer of Color Spectacular Obfuscation; A Right to Transition?: Gender-Segregated Spaces and the Legal Construction of Transgender Identity; Trans…

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Contents include: articles on Indebted Adulthood in Queer Times; Cultural Impacts of Social Movements: Feminism within the Catholic Church in Spain; We All Are Feminists Now; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Economic Consequences of Covid-19 on Women Home-Based Workers in Rural Pakistan: The Narratives of Survival; An Imaginary World: Perceptions of Undergraduate Female Students
of Female Characters in Chinese & Turkish TV…

Contents include: articles on Islamic and Jewish Religious Feminisms: Textual Foundations and Practices.

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Contents include: articles on Bones without Flesh and (Trans)Gender without Bodies: Querying Desires for Trans Historicity; Recruiting Egg Freezers via Informational Events: Affect, Sociality, and the Question of Informed Consent; Universal Basic…

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Contents include: articles on Intersectional Saturation: Toward a Theory of Feminist Organizations' Intersectionality; "Gay Genes" and the Contested Origins of Same-Sex Desire; poems, and more.

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Contents include: articles on Anti-Gender, Anti-University: "Gender Ideology" and the Future of US Higher Education; Earth-Bodies as Re-Existence: Ana Mendieta's Siluetas Beyond the Limits of Ecofeminism; In Defense of Specters: Ambivalent Mourning…

Contents include: articles on Feminist Advocacy in Africa: Voices and Actions

Contents include: articles on Centering intersecting gender inequalities of COVID-19 on womxn

Contents include: articles on Gendered implications of new technologies and posthuman subjectivities: perspectives from the global South
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