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Includes articles on: sexual subjectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic; the persistence and endurance of blood family; on the role of intimate citizenship for transforming sexual subjectivities; and more.

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Contains articles on: abolition, feminism, and Asian American politics; against trans inclusion in the military: a trans of color abolitionist critique; transformative justice and the politics of intergenerational healing; and more.

Contents include: articles on Why Young Women Who Use Opioids Are at Risk for Rape: The Impact of Social Vulnerabilities and Sexually Coercive Drug Using Contexts; Speaking Out on Sexualized Violence Through Artistic Storytelling in Post-conflict…

Contents include: articles on The Role of the Anti-Heroine on Fact-Based Television; Selling Cold War Culture and Consumerism; Researching Sexual Violence in Women's Magazine Fiction; and more.

Contents include: articles on ‘I would love to do something about it’: young men’s role in addressing violence against women in Ireland; Progress across ecological systems countering intergenerational transmission of intimate partner violence; The…

Contents include: articles on Researching Men’s Violence Against Women as Feminist Women Researchers: The Tensions We Face; A Complex Relationship: Intimate Partner Violence, Identification With the Aggressor, and Guilt; Motivations and Barriers to…

Contents include: articles on The Impacts of Conservatism, Social Dominance, and Rape Myth Acceptance on Blame Attribution in Ambiguous Rape Scenarios; Perceptions of Anticipated Peer Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence Among Students with…

Contents include articles on: the right to legal capacity, its recognition in human rights law, and challenges for women with disabilities; dementia, a gendered issue that intersects with ageing and disability rights in Malaysia; youth perspectives…

Contents include articles on: the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on the post-separation experiences of domestic abuse survivors; addressing intimate-partner violence during COVID-19 in the EU; domestic homicide reviews as a source of data; and…

Contains articles on: sexual violence, forensic medicine, and the courtroom in early Francoist Spain; Savile's shadow: exceptionalism and shifting historical perpetration narratives, 1964-2012; the missing and imaginged perpretrator in rape…
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