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Includes articles on: children's play and gender performance; love and sexuality in postwar girls' culture; from girls' novels to love novels; and more.

Table of Contents Osaki Midori: The World of Wandering in the Realm of the Seventh Sense (Part 1) / 尾崎翠・「第七官界彷徨」の世界 Mizuta Noriko, Wachi Yasuko, Jennifer Cullen Western Elegance, Yokohama Style: College Fashion, Urban Redevelopment, and the Rise…

Table of Contents Crafting Survival: Chamorro and Okinawan Women’s Camp Labor in the Northern Mariana Islands, 1944–1946 / 生きるための工芸:北マリアナ諸島の米軍民間人収容所におけるチャモ ロ・沖縄女性の労働(1944–1946 年)Ayuko TakedaDefending the Samurai: Alice Mabel Bacon and Meiji Japan at…

Contents include: articles on youth and gender in Japanese popular culture, marketing in Japanese popular culture, youth sexuality, and more.

Contents include: articles on Japanese women and hygienic facial culture, women and the State in Japanese Wartime Waste Campaigns, and more.

Contents include: articles on the differing conceptions of "Voluntary Motherhood" in Japan, how female politicians respond to media labels, queer families in The Ocean Chronicles, and responding to Gamergate in Japan.
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