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Contents include: articles on Gender, Security, and Atomic Destruction in Louisa Hall’s Trinity; Rachel Cusk’s New Realism: Gender, Power, Voice, and Genre in the Outline Trilogy; The Opacity of the World: Zadie Smith’s Swing Time ; and more.

Contents include: articles on Keeping Girls in Schools Longer: The Kanyashree Approach in India; Shecession: The Downfall of Colombian Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic; The Gendered Relationship Between Temporary, Informal Employment and Wages:…

Contents include: articles on A White and Secular Habitus? Evidence from France; Queering Tibetan Buddhism through Vernacular Agency: The Personal Experience Narrative of Tashi Choedup; Saying ‘I Do’ to Feminism: How Christian Women in the U.S.…

Contents include: articles on Love At The End Of The World; Abortion in El Salvador; Abortion in Palestine; and more.

feminist formations.pdf
Contents include: articles on Socio-Legal Empowerment for Working Women in Bangladesh; Decolonial Reproductive Justice: Analyzing Reproductive Oppression in India; The Albany Birth Justice Storytelling Project: Integrating Feminist Pedagogy into…

Feminist Anthropology - 2023 - .pdf
Contents include: articles on Conceptualizing the multispecies triad: Toward a multispecies intersectionality; Emotional Intimacy and the Black Matrifocal Family in Northeast Brazil; Technologies of protest in Irish abortion activism; and more.

Contents include: articles on Does a Male-Dominated Entity Represent the Jewish People? The Claims Conference and Advocacy for a Community; Transformations and Emergent Themes in American Jewish Women’s History; The Singer Siblings: Different Views…

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Contents include: articles on Rape-By-Deception in China: A Messy But Pragmatically Desirable Criminal Law; Europe Can Succeed Where America Failed: A Comparative Approach to Gender-Based Violence; Remarks on Manifesting Justice: Wrongly Convicted…

LEG 39.1-ToC.pdf
Contents include: essays on Margaret Fuller’s Physical Education; Make a Picture of Yourself: Indigenous Portrayals in the Reservation Diaries of Abby Williams Hill; Screen Secrets: The Unpublished Hollywood Novels of Winnifred Eaton; and more.
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