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Includes articles on: unscripting sexting in a Dutch school; exploring maternal selfie practices; women's experiences in game jams and video game communities; and more.

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Includes articles on: children's play and gender performance; love and sexuality in postwar girls' culture; from girls' novels to love novels; and more.

Contents include articles on: growing up with no Regrettes, preteens terrorizing Sephora employees, Reneé Rapp, and more.

Contents include: articles on "Nevertheless, she persisted": Girls, Literature for Girls, and the Politics of Persistence; Science, Women, and the Mother Tongue: Translating Knowledge for 19th-Century Readers; Gender Depiction and Empowerment in…

Contents include: poetry, short form works of fiction and nonfiction, art, and book reviews.

Contents include articles on: effects of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme on 'the bad apples'; perceptions of safety and experiences of gender-based violence at UK music festivals; feminism, power, and politics in policing rape research;…

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Contents include: articles on Black Feminisms in the Caribbean and the United States: Representation, Rebellion, Radicalism, and Reckoning

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Contents include: articles on Abolition in the Clutch: Shifting through the Gears with Anthropology; Beauty: What Makes Us Dream, What Haunts Us; Gaslighting: ALS, anti-Blackness, and medicine; and more.

Contents include: articles on Adolescent perspectives on gendered ideologies in physical activity within schools: Reflections on a female-focused intervention; Decolonizing feminist knowledge: The standpoint of majority world feminist activists in…

Contents include: Special Issue: "A Feminist Black Mirror?"
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