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Contents include: Special Issue: Editing Women's Letters Across Europe 1500-1800

Contents include: articles on New Directions in Criticism on Isabella Whitney (fl. 1569-1573)

Contents include: articles on Where is Frances Burney? Irony, Free Indirect Discourse, and the Cultural Critic in Cecilia; “Domestic Houseflies” and “Giant Cucumbers”: Virginia Woolf’s Feminist Literary Criticism and Women Writers of the Long…

Women'sWriting 29.2.pdf
Contents include: Special Issue: Spiritualism and the Supernatural, 1870-1925

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: Nineteenth-Century Women's Ghost Stories.

Contents include: articles on female romantic poetry from 1798 to 1819, part of an Englishwoman's constitution, sartorial subversion, and more.

Contents include: articles on the garden book and the garden as retreat in the works of Rosamund Marriott Watson, Mary Robinson's The Natural Daughter and Amy Levy's The Romance of a Shop, neo-Edwardian suffrage narratives and women writers of the…

Contents include: articles on women and labor in the nineteenth century.

Contents include: special issue on Aphra Behn at her 350th Anniversary

Contents include: articles on Jane Austen's gothic critique of interiority in "Mansfield Park" and "Persuasion," the purposive emptiness of Elizabeth Bentley, Austen's Cosmopolitanism, and more.
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