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Contents include: articles on Cold War Sisterhood: The Women's Africa Committee, 1958-1968; What Women Wore to the Resistance: Fashion, War, and Gender Transformation, 1940-1945; The Intellectual World of Phillis Wheatley and the Politics of Genius;…

Contents include: articles on Fashionably Late Capitalism, Mommy Issues, Reading "Playboy" with Barbara Ehrenreich; and more.

FemTheory 23, 3.pdf
Special issue on Theorizing Fashion Media, featuring guest editors Lise Shapiro Sanders and Ilya Parkins.

Contents include: articles on female romantic poetry from 1798 to 1819, part of an Englishwoman's constitution, sartorial subversion, and more.

Contents include: special issue on gender and identity in the Gulf: cultural constructions and representations.

Contents include: articles on Black fashion, bad immigration reporting worsens bad immigration policy, revisiting Degrassi's abortion episode, and more.

Contents include: articles on The Future of Fashion is Sustainable, Indie Game Designers, Prison Abolition, and more.

Contents include: articles on challenging unequal gendered conventions i heterosexual relationship contexts, minority girls' femininity, and Sweden's burka ban.

Contents include: articles like Prickly Elegance: Identifying and Dating Disocactus Motifs on Early Chintz

Contents include: special issue on fashion and feminism.
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