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Contents include: Special Issue: Editing Women's Letters Across Europe 1500-1800

Room 47.1 Utopia.pdf
Includes poetry, creative nonfiction, short stories, art, and more.

Contents include: poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction written exclusively by women.

Includes articles on: thirty-four years to graduation; on the poetry of Alice Fulton; visions for America in this election year; and more.

studies in gender and sexuality 24 4.pdf
Includes articles on: a psychoanalytical approach toward intersectionality, identity, and hegemony; COVID-19 and violence against the LGBTI+ community in favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; affective gaslighting and rape culture; and more.

Contains articles on: deconstructing beauty standards; getting personal and political; sisterhood echoed through creative solidarity; and more.

Contents include: articles on The Doubling Self: Contemporary Tunisian Art by Meriem Bouderbala and Najah Zarbout; Astronomy for Girls: Pedagogy and the Gendering of Science in Late Ottoman Beirut; Women Writing in Cairo: Midlife, Self-Care, and the…

Contains articles on: writing women into the history of philosophy; women and freedom of canonical thought; American women in the transcendental and pragmatist movements; and more.

LEG 40.1-2_ToC.pdf
Contents include: essays on “So Go to Editing”: Mary Ann Shadd Cary and the Liminality of Editorship and Authorship; “Her Voice Was Heard”: The Antebellum Abortion Archive and the “Memoir of Zulma Marache”; Androgyny and Desire: Margaret Fuller,…
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