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Journal of Women's History, vol. 36, no. 2, Summer 2024.pdf
Contents include: articles on Muslim Women and Educational Reform in the Early-Twentieth-Century Southern Caucasus; Fair Chances: World's Fairs and American Woman Suffrage; and more

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Contents include: articles on Gender differences in class engagement and disruptive school behaviour: boys’ susceptibility to peers’ motivation culture; Exploring adolescents’ perspectives of single-sex schooling: teetering amongst competing views;…

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Includes articles on: the impact of childhood sexual abuse on interpersonal relationships; Dalit feminist literature from South India; re-envisioning community-engaged healing for Black women; and more.

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Includes articles on: Ecofeminism and Education; Teaching and Learning Critical Ecofeminism in the graduate classroom; and more

Includes articles on: social work in a post-Dobbs world; narratives on the well-being of sub-Saharan African immigrant daughters; a CRT analysis of racial microaggressions in K-12 schools; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Service, suffering, and silence: a duoethnographic exploration of the evangelical roots of gender hierarchies in American elementary schools; Big and small, girls and boys: intersecting gendered touch practices in early…

Contents include: articles on STEM Program Leaders' Strategies to Diversify the Doctoral Student Population: Incongruence With Student Priorities; What You See is What You Get: A Critical Analysis of Engineering Identity in Departmental Magazines;…

Contents include: articles on Pollution, governance, and women's work: Examining African female labour force participation in the face of environmental pollution and governance quality puzzles; Feminist counter-authoritarian political agency: Muslim…

Contents include: articles on Agents of Socialization, Anxiety, College Women, and Fear of Rape; In Their Own Words: Women Veterans Identify the Personal Consequences of Military Sexual Trauma Victimization; Co-Occurring Intimate Partner Violence and…

Contents include: articles on Mandating Disability Education in Medicine: A Call to Action; Supporting Female Leaders in Higher Education through an Understanding of Psychological Type; Providing Accessible Housing on Campus; and more.
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