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Feminism and Psychology vol 33 no 3.pdf
Contents include articles on: researcher positionality and affect in research on gendered vulnerabilities, towards a theoretical framework for identifying institutional failures that violate rights, activist perspectives from the global feminisms…

Contents include: articles on What Transnational Feminism Has Not Disrupted Yet: Toward a Quilted Epistemology; (Mis)Translations of the Critiques of Anti-Muslim Racism and the Repercussions for Transnational Feminist Solidarities; Writing…

Contents include: articles on Language, Gender, and Social Processes;Gender neutral proper names: current situation and perspectives; Gender-Balanced Slovak in Contemporary Society and more.

Contents include: articles on An Integrative Review of Sistah Circles in Empirical Research; Far-Right Misogynoir: A Critical Thematic Analysis of Black College Women's Experiences With White Male Supremacist Influences; Personal Relative Deprivation…
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