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hypatia, vol. 39, no. 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Authenticity, Morality, and gender Norms; Trans Epistemology and methodological Radicalism; Epistemic Diversity and Epistemic Advantage; and more

Contents include: articles on Theology, Gender, and Me: Insider Auto-Ethnographic Research Method and Its Impact in Trans-Related Theological Research; Inhabiting Adamancy: Contributions Toward a Queer Feminist Theology; Queer Theology and a Synodal…

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional Epistemologies: The Ethics and Politics of Epistemic Practice

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Contents include: articles on Authority, Authenticity, and the Epistemic Legacies of Cold War Area Studies; Theorizing Siberian Sex; Expanding the Map of Sapphic Modernism(s); and more.

Contents include: articles on What Transnational Feminism Has Not Disrupted Yet: Toward a Quilted Epistemology; (Mis)Translations of the Critiques of Anti-Muslim Racism and the Repercussions for Transnational Feminist Solidarities; Writing…

hypatia 37.3.pdf
Contents inclue: "Special Issue: Decolonial Feminism in Latin Améfrica: An Essential Anthology"

Contents include: articles on the groundlessness of philosophy: critiquing the identity of a discipline, second death and the maternal in Lacan and Cavarero, rereading Hisaye Yamamoto and Ty Pak after Black Lives Matter, and more.
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