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Includes articles on: the impact of childhood sexual abuse on interpersonal relationships; Dalit feminist literature from South India; re-envisioning community-engaged healing for Black women; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Interested Gazes and Invisible Audiences: Judicial Narratives on Sex Work; Reading Between the Lines: Maternity Benefit Law in India and Whom it Truly Benefits; and more

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Contents include: articles on Gender and Leadership Evaluations; Corporate Social Performance and board gender diversity; Indian women engineers on work; and more

Includes articles on: reforms to Canada's Divorce Act; Jane Doe and the contested right to 'abortion on demand;' feminists, domestic violence, and the paradoxes of rights in India; and more.

Contains articles on: strategies and discourses of women's protests in Zimbabwe; feminist protests against gender-based violence in Poland in the late 1990s and early 2000s; Muslim women and political protest in contemporary India; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Gender, Race, and Class in an Intersectional Framework: Occupations and Wages in the United States; The Gender Happiness Gap in China: Composition Effect or Coefficient Effect?; Gender Gaps in Financial Literacy:…

Contents include: articles on Pollution, governance, and women's work: Examining African female labour force participation in the face of environmental pollution and governance quality puzzles; Feminist counter-authoritarian political agency: Muslim…

Contents include: articles on Gender-based spatial segregation: ladies’ compartments in the Mumbai local trains; Being single, being ‘wrong’: pain and the remaking of gendered subjectivity in Delhi; Gender, caste, and spatiality: intersectional…

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Contents include: articles on Geontopower as a feminist analytic: an interdisciplinary triangulation of women, water and feminist politics in India; Memory as a wound in words: on trans-generational trauma, ethical memory and artistic speech; Dadkhah…

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Contents include: articles on Gender Reflections on the (Post)Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe.
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