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Contents include: articles on Race, Gender, and Violence; An Intersectional Analysis of System Avoidance; Imprisoning Intimacy: The Expanding Sites of Racialized-Gendered Carceral Violence; and more.

Contents include: articles on Multidimensional Gender Ideologies Across Europe: Evidence From 36 Countries; Gender Differences in Job Resources and Strains in Authority Positions; The Interior of the Movement for Black Lives: “A New Political…

Contents include: articles on Homophobic Bullying as Gender Policing:
Population-Based Evidence;The Gender Fix: Outsourcing Feminism and the
Gender Politics of Supply Chains;Complicating Patriarchy: Gender Beliefs of Muslim Facebook Users in the…

Contents include: articles on Weaponized Subordination: How Incels
Discredit Themselves to Degrade Women; In Women we Trust? Gender-Status Mismatch and Trust in Professional Networks; Breadwinning, Occupational Sex Composition, and Stress: Examining…

Gender&Society 36.5.pdf
Contents include: articles on Documenting the Routine Burden of Devalued Difference in the Professional Workplace; Negotiating “Impossible” Ideals: Latent Classes of Intensive Mothering in the United States ; Gender & Society in a Post-Roe Era; and…

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Contents include: articles on Black Mothers and Vaccine Refusal: Gendered Racism, Healthcare, and the State; Gender Regimes and Cambodian Labor Unions; and more.

Contents include: articles on “He’s a Mr. Mom”: Cultural Ambivalence in Print News Depictions of Stay-at-Home Fathers, 1987–2016; Between Women of Color: The New Social Organization of Reproductive Labor; Revisiting the Gender Revolution: Time on…

Contents include: articles on Climax as Work: Heteronormativity, Gender Labor, and the Gender Gap in Orgasms, “Why Don’t They Just Use Cloth?” Gender Policy Vacuums and the Inequalities of Diapering, “Dutch Racism is not Like Anywhere Else”: Refusing…

Contents include: articles on A Little Word That Means A Lot: A Reassessment of Singular They in a New Era of Gender Politics, Who Manages the Money at Home? Multilevel Analysis of Couples’ Money Management Across 34 Countries, Postfeminist Versions…

Contents include: articles on The Gender Mobility Paradox: Gender Segregation and Women’s Mobility Across Gender-Type Boundaries, 1970–2018, Gendered Interpretations of Job Loss and Subsequent Professional Pathways, How do Gender Norms and Childcare…
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