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Contents include: articles on Abigail, Ruth and the Case for Female Biblical Authorship; Jewish Mysticism as a Form of Feminism in Early 20th Century Hungarian Jewish Literature: Anna Lesznai’s Response to Otto Weininger; Women-Rabbi Fiction in the…

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Contents include: articles on ‘Male and Female He Created Them’: The Roman Catholic Church’s Inconsistent Stance on Gender; Mechitza as a Metaphor: Separation or Unity?; Beyond Secular Autonomy? The Concept of Emancipation According to Saba Mahmood…

Contents include: articles on Can a Woman’s Medical Tradition Flourish in the Midst of the Babylonian Talmud?; The Magic Circle: Visually Representing the Woman of Endor (ovot); Home (bayit) and Bread (lechem): Masculine Power and Female Authority in…

Contents include: articles on Does a Male-Dominated Entity Represent the Jewish People? The Claims Conference and Advocacy for a Community; Transformations and Emergent Themes in American Jewish Women’s History; The Singer Siblings: Different Views…

Contents include: articles on What’s the Story with “fictional” Women Rabbis?; Women and Witnesses Twice Silenced: Giving a Voice to Holocaust Complicity and Resistance; From Primordial Being into Genders: Ecofeminist Reading of the Biblical Human…

Contents include: articles on Bleeding Women in Sacred Spaces: Negotiating Theological Belonging in the ‘Pathway’ to Priesthood,
My Grandmothers Baked Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: A Journey from Judaism to Goddess Spirituality,

Contents include: articles on abortion on the line, antisemitism on the internet, harassment in the reform movement, and more.

Contents include: articles on Writing Our Way Home: Jewish Women's Post-Holocaust Diasporic Writing in Latin America, The Balkans and the Jewish World.

Contents include: articles on Yeshivas, Day Schools, and LGBT Kids; What We Feed Each Other; Three Initiations, and more.
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