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Contents include: articles on Tracing the Origin of an Early Patchwork Coverlet, The History and Meaning of an Inscribed Quilt from an African American Community; Tracing the Roots of a Pattern; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Salons, Patronage Networks, and the Self-Representation of Three Seventeenth-Century French Women of Science; India’s Everywomen in the Early Modern Archive; Female Community, Identity, and Icon: Honoring the Madonna…

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Contents include: articles on Patterns, Outliers, and Teasers: Questions and Challenges for the Reception of Early Modern Women’s Writing; Changing the Frame of Early Modern Interracial Encounters; Soundscapes of Wellness: Music in an Early Modern…

Contents include: articles on Sharon Lockhart's Philosophy of the Casual: Toward an Eco-Cinema of Sociability; Nonmaterial Overelaboration: Gender, Casting, and Camouflaged Labor in Pat Rocco's Promotional Travelogue ; Calculating Couples: Computing…

Contents include: articles on War Metaphors in Feminist Discourse: A Subversive Position against Ethical Violence; The Racial Contract of White Masochism; “Lovesick Women”: A Historical Overview of Gendered Conceptualizations of Erotomania, and Their…

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Contents include: articles on Refusing Empathy: Queer Racialized Life and Death in Diasporic Performance; Afri-Queer Fugitivity in African Cinema; Comparing the Lives of Gay Men in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China; and more.

Contents include: articles on Covid-19 and the Social Politics of Crisis; Care, Labour, and Social Policy; and more.

Contents include: articles on Race, Gender, and Violence; An Intersectional Analysis of System Avoidance; Imprisoning Intimacy: The Expanding Sites of Racialized-Gendered Carceral Violence; and more.

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Contents include: articles on The intersection of race and financial strain: The pain of social disconnection among women in the United States; Differentials in private and public healthcare service utilization in later life: do gender and marital…
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