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philosophia vol 14.pdf
Includes articles on: indigeneity at the limits of transculturation; trans poetics as trans philosophy; an experiment in pedagogical curating; and more.

gender and education.jpg
Contents include: articles on Service, suffering, and silence: a duoethnographic exploration of the evangelical roots of gender hierarchies in American elementary schools; Big and small, girls and boys: intersecting gendered touch practices in early…

Contents include: articles on The Doubling Self: Contemporary Tunisian Art by Meriem Bouderbala and Najah Zarbout; Astronomy for Girls: Pedagogy and the Gendering of Science in Late Ottoman Beirut; Women Writing in Cairo: Midlife, Self-Care, and the…

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 09-15-54 Cover image for Women & Therapy Volume 46 Issue 3 2023 - Google Search.png
Contains articles on: the ableist and white supremacist origins of U.S. policing and connections to involuntary hospitalization, anti-racist pedagogy as activism, an autoethnography of the arrest of activists in the wake of the George Floyd protests,…

differences vol 34 no 3.pdf
Contains articles on: the social bond adrift, Primo Levi as Teacher, monument attacks in the United States 2015-2021, and more.

Contents include: articles on Conversation and Commentary: After ROE: Teaching and Researching Reproductive Justice; Singled Out and Mocked: Intersection of (Hetero)Sexism and Ableism and Mobilization of Anti-Discourses in Online Hatred towards…

Contents include: articles on Patriarchal (Dis)orders: Backlash as Crisis Management; Pedagogy, Politics, and Betty Dodson’s Liberating Masturbation; Affective Dialogue: Building Transnational Feminist Solidarity in Times of War; and more.

WAM 27_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Lessons in Black Women’s Laughter:
A Play-Essay on Parisian Jazz Journeys; Jazz Organizations, Gender Disparities, and the Stereotyping of Black Women; (Re)Imagining Jazz Education through the Lens of Black Feminist…

Contents include articles on: effects of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme on 'the bad apples'; perceptions of safety and experiences of gender-based violence at UK music festivals; feminism, power, and politics in policing rape research;…

Contents include: articles on Exploring Youth Incarceration; The Juvenile (In)Justice System; The Campaign Against Survivors: Televising Abuse Myths from Lorena to Amber Heard; and more.
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