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Herizons 37(3) Fall 2023.pdf
Includes articles on: refusing the gaze: notes on self-care and looking away; how to say no; subverting Orientalism in desire; book reviews; and more.

Contents include: essays, poetry, fiction, book reviews and more.

Contents include: articles on ‘we are not like them’: reinventing modernity within tradition in the debates on female khatna / female genital cutting in India; the Colombian Truth Commission’s work on reproductive violence: gendered victimhood and…

Contents include: articles on The Trouble with White Feminist Theologians? Decentring White Normativity in Feminist Theology; Feminist Theological Themes in the Biblical Art of Lilian Broca: From Lilith to Mary Magdalene; Immaculate Conception of…

Contents include: poetry, art, fiction, creative non-fiction, reviews, and more.

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Contents include: articles on Authority, Authenticity, and the Epistemic Legacies of Cold War Area Studies; Theorizing Siberian Sex; Expanding the Map of Sapphic Modernism(s); and more.

2023-front-matter (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on “Contrary to Reason”: The Absence of Enclosure in Early Modern Convents; The “talented hands” of Giovanna Garzoni: Calligraphy’s Significance to the Work of a Seventeenth-Century Woman Artist; To “fix and regulate your…

Contents include: poetry, short form works of fiction and nonfiction, art, and book reviews.

Editorial: Visual Culture of Precarious Futures
Karen Keifer-Boyd

Little New Year's Revolutions: Examining Small Queer Spaces in Chunwan
Jingyi Zhu, Mindi Rhoades

Becoming 'Mother': An Autoethnographic Study through Paint and…
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