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Women and Crim Justice cover.pdf
Contents include: articles on Ancient Egypt and Laws Relating to the Status of Women; Fidelity, Male Privilege and the Sanctity of Marriage: Examining the Decriminalization of Adultery in India; Impact of Provocation Doctrine in the Crimes of Honor…

sexualities_25_8.toc (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on The ‘addict sexual script’: Addiction discourse among Israeli sex industry consumers; Stigma, invisibility and unattainable ‘choices’ in sex work; Queer expectations: An empirical critique of rural LGBT+ narratives; and…

BiWomenQuarterly 40.1.pdf
Contents include: articles and entries centered around the theme, 'Traditions'.

Contents include: articles on transoceanic orientalism, girls' schools and female teachers in Istanbul, South Sudanese women's movement, and more.
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