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Women and Criminal Justice vol33 no1to6.pdf
Contains articles on: examining the decriminalization of adultery in India, gender and the strategic and tactical logic of Boko Haram's suicide bombers, far-right violent extremist women, female crime and delinquency, and more.

Contents include: articles on Recent Legal Challenges Involving a Child's Gender Identity in School: An Exploration of the "Fundamental" Rights of Parents; Discretion and Credibility, Dignity and Mercy: The Case of PT, A Criminalized Survivor;…

Contents include: articles on Gendered Blame: Narratives of Participation in Genocide; Prosecuting Military Sexual Assault: The Entanglement of Military Discourse and Victim Stereotypes in Prosecutor Case Strategies; A Mixed Method Exploration of…

Contents include: Special Issue: Reproductive Justice: Advancing Science, Advocacy, and Practice

Contents include: articles on Breaking Down the Barriers for Women in Legal Academia; Breaking Down the Barriers for Women in Public Interest; Toward Equal Pay In The Legal Academy; and more.

Contents include: articles on No Male Comparators: The Doubling Up of Discrimination on Pay Equity; The Role of Motive in Sexual Assault Trials; Trans Rights, Trans Justice: A Conversation About Key Trans Legal Issues in Canada; and more.

Contents Comprendre l’inconduite sexuelle policière : une perspective canadienneSurrogacy in Canada: Lawyers' Experiences and PracticesDefamation as a Sword: The Weaponization of Civil Liability against Sexual Assault Survivors in the Post-#MeToo…

Contents include: articles on Towards a Feminist Geo-legal Ethic of Caring Within Medical Supply Chains: Lessons from Careless Supply During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Ontological Governance: Gender, Hormones, and the Legal Regulation of Transgender…

columbia journal.pdf
Contents include: articles on Justice For Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Conference Report; Addressing Inequity and Injustice In the Family Law System; How Bias Manifests in New York State's Family Law System; and more.

Contents include: articles on Feminist Activism, Social Movements, and Political Participation; Conceptualizing Gender in Politics and Law; Contemporary Forms of Illiberal and Anti-Feminist Mobilizations of Gender; and more.
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