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Contents include: articles on Performing masculinity and the micropolitics of youth cafés in Ireland: an ethnography; Masculinities, spatial dialectics, and discursive strategies: reproducing gender inequalities at home – the case of İzmir;…

Contents include: articles on The Role of the Anti-Heroine on Fact-Based Television; Selling Cold War Culture and Consumerism; Researching Sexual Violence in Women's Magazine Fiction; and more.

Contents include: articles on Gender-based spatial segregation: ladies’ compartments in the Mumbai local trains; Being single, being ‘wrong’: pain and the remaking of gendered subjectivity in Delhi; Gender, caste, and spatiality: intersectional…

Contents include: articles on #Girlboss Feminism and Emotional Labour in Leigh Stein’s Self Care; ‘Required to Care’: Emotional Labour and the Futures of Work in Catherine Lacey’s The Answers; Interrogating Emotional Labour: Sacrificial Labour and…

Contents include: articles on In Search of Zora Neale Hurston in Hollywood; “More Hawaiian Than Hawaii Itself ”: The Hula Craze and US Empire in the Progressive Era; Creating a “Feminist Nation”: The International Videoletters Network, 1975–77; and…

Contents include: articles on do Czech Women Need ‘Gender’?: A Conceptual History of ‘Gender’ in Czechia; Queering Assamese Bihu Festival Performance; Exploring the Experiences of Women Social Entrepreneurs: Advancing Understandings of ‘Emotional…

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Contents include: articles on Palestinian Feminism in Israel and the Power of Public Urban Space; The Perception of Women in Trabzon Sharīʿa Court Records; Are Women Liable for Blood-Money Payment?; and more.

Contents include: Special Issue: "A Feminist Black Mirror?"

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Contents include: articles on Why Are They Marketing So Many Novels about Auschwitz?; What Language Do You Pray In?; In the Shadow of Porn; and more.

Contents include: articles on Mimetic Machines in the Uncanny Valley; Through Exchange: Karatani Compared with Marx; Sciences, Philosophies, and the Question of Borders; and more.
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