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Contents include: Special Issue: Ken Plummer

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Contents include: articles on Platforms, sex work and their interconnectedness; Spanish gay male subjectivity, body, intimacy, and affect on Instagram; “You’re selling a brand”: Marketing commercial sex online; and more.

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Contents include: articles on The ‘addict sexual script’: Addiction discourse among Israeli sex industry consumers; Stigma, invisibility and unattainable ‘choices’ in sex work; Queer expectations: An empirical critique of rural LGBT+ narratives; and…

Contents include: articles on Toy stories: The role of vibrators in domestic intimacies; Navigating a heteronormative world: Cisgender women, transgender partnerships, sexual identity, and language; Generations of BDSM Czech style: The elimination of…

Contents include: articles on Turning Bourdieu back upon sexual field theory; Changing landscapes: Gay men in the west and northwest of Ireland; Becoming a sexademic: Reflections on a ‘dirty’ research project; and more.

Contents include: articles on Playing with power: Kink, race, and desire; Mess up the empire: Deploying and disrupting homonationalism; The sagacity of the surround: The casual sex-assemblages of young adults; and more.

Contents include: articles on Polyamory in Paris: A social network theory application, He looks so cute: The discourse of heterosexual relationship initiation by female youth in Nigeria, Discourse and religious doctrine: Professional social work and…

Contents include: articles on Public sex, private intimacy and sexual exclusivity in men’s formalized same-sex relationships, (Un)tethered masculinities, (mis)placed modernities: Queering futurity in contemporary Singapore, Discontented and Jack of…
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