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Hawwa 20.4.pdf
Contents include: articles on How Women's Presence in Tehran's Public Spaces Compares to Shari'a Prescriptions, Old Tehran and Contemporary Tehran; The Role of the Shari'a Court in Divorce in Palestine; Princesses Born to Concubines: A First Visit to…

JournalOfWomensHistory 34.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on The "Girl Suicide Epidemic" of the 1920's: Pain and Prejudice in US Newspapers; "Put Your Money Where Your Movement Is": The Feminist Credit Unions of the 1970's; Teaching Happiness: Women's Education and Transnational…

Contents include: articles on Muslim Marriages: Plurality of Norms and Practices. Guest Editors: Rajnaara C. Akhtar, Mulki Al-Sharmani, and Annelies Moors.

Contents include: articles on The Double-Victimization of Criminalized Women in Neoliberal Contexts: The Case of Paraguay, Gender Neutrality and the Prevention and Treatment of Violence--A Dutch Perspective, National Interests Versus Women's Rights:…

Contents include: articles on post-abortion care in Sub-Saharan Africa, perspectives of healthcare workers on the morality of abortion, a qualitative study of induced abortion among Tibetan women, and more.

Contents include: articles on transoceanic orientalism, girls' schools and female teachers in Istanbul, South Sudanese women's movement, and more.
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