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Contents include: articles on Do political quotas work? Gender quotas and women’s political participation in Nepal; When the news reports women: media and the gender gap in political interest; and more

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Contents include: articles on Transgressing gendered spaces; Gendered Spaces and Entanglements; Food security and Knowledge Politics

Includes articles on: social work in a post-Dobbs world; narratives on the well-being of sub-Saharan African immigrant daughters; a CRT analysis of racial microaggressions in K-12 schools; and more.

Includes articles on: the meaning of abuse for young Arab women in Israel; reconceptualizing resilience and vulnerability in liberal feminist discourse during the COVID-19 pandemic; gender mainstreaming in Albanian higher education institutions; and…

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Contents include: articles on Gender-Differentiated Labor and Adaptation Effects of Climate Change in Rural Areas: A Systematic Literature Review; State-Level Policies, Descriptive Representation, and the Gender Pay Gap, 2010–2019; Gender or Gendered…

Contents include articles on: the right to legal capacity, its recognition in human rights law, and challenges for women with disabilities; dementia, a gendered issue that intersects with ageing and disability rights in Malaysia; youth perspectives…

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Contents include: articles on The fetish economy of sex and gender activism: transnational appropriation and allyship; Speculative feminism and the shifting frontiers of bioscience: envisioning reproductive futures with synthetic gametes through the…

Contents include: articles on Homebirth: "Homebirth is best, when possible. We are seeing it increase during the pandemic because women are afraid to go to the hospital, because of fear of exposure and policies that prohibit them from having support…

Contents include: articles on Courtesan Culture and the Semi- Informed Narrator in Kipling’s ‘On The City Wall’, Multidimensional Socioeconomic Deprivations of Maternal Health Care Services Utilisation: Evidence from Bangladesh, Women Representation…
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