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Contents include: articles on ‘we are not like them’: reinventing modernity within tradition in the debates on female khatna / female genital cutting in India; the Colombian Truth Commission’s work on reproductive violence: gendered victimhood and…

Contents include: articles on do Czech Women Need ‘Gender’?: A Conceptual History of ‘Gender’ in Czechia; Queering Assamese Bihu Festival Performance; Exploring the Experiences of Women Social Entrepreneurs: Advancing Understandings of ‘Emotional…

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Contents include: articles on queer elsewheres ↔ South Asian imaginaries.

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Contents include: articles on Indebted Adulthood in Queer Times; Cultural Impacts of Social Movements: Feminism within the Catholic Church in Spain; We All Are Feminists Now; and more.

Contents include: articles on Ocean Weaves: Reconfigurations of Climate Justice in Oceania, Wild Swimming Methodologies for Decolonial Feminist Justice-to-Come Scholarship, Watery Archives: Transoceanic Narratives in Andil Gosine’s Our Holy Waters,…

Contents include articles on: the domestic workers’ strike: migrant women, social reproduction and contentious labour organising; regulating motherhood through markets: Filipino women’s engagement with microcredit; inappropriate(d) difference: notes…

Contents include: articles on sonic cyberfeminisms

Contents include: articles on archival experiments, notes and (dis)orientations; out of sorts: a queer crip in the archive; archiving the African feminist festival through oral communication and social media; book reviews; and more.
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