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fall 2022.pdf
Contents include: articles on Patterns, Outliers, and Teasers: Questions and Challenges for the Reception of Early Modern Women’s Writing; Changing the Frame of Early Modern Interracial Encounters; Soundscapes of Wellness: Music in an Early Modern…

WAM 27_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Lessons in Black Women’s Laughter:
A Play-Essay on Parisian Jazz Journeys; Jazz Organizations, Gender Disparities, and the Stereotyping of Black Women; (Re)Imagining Jazz Education through the Lens of Black Feminist…

Contents include: articles on do Czech Women Need ‘Gender’?: A Conceptual History of ‘Gender’ in Czechia; Queering Assamese Bihu Festival Performance; Exploring the Experiences of Women Social Entrepreneurs: Advancing Understandings of ‘Emotional…

nora (4).pdf
Contents include: articles on Towards a transformative space for conversations about sexualised violence? Obstacles, strategies and precarious moments; Embodying Difference: Iranian Women’s Working Life Experiences in Norway; Discursive Constructions…

media report to women.pdf
Contents include: articles on A Journalist is Killed Every Four Days, UNESCO Says; Women Journalists Shatter Stereotypes in "She Said" Film; 25 Years of Film Analysis: Women's Influence Modest; and more.

IndianJournOfGenderStudies 29.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on ‘No Country for Old Women’: Female Aging
in Bollywood; Presence Without Empowerment? Women in
Rural Local Government in Bangladesh; A Hauntology of Clandestine Transmissions: Spectres of Gender and Race in Electronic…

WAM 26-ToC.pdf
Contents include: Partial Special issue: Music, Sound, Maternity

Herizons v34n3 (Fall 2020).pdf
Contents include: articles on Bringing Refugee Stories to Life, Why We Need a Resilience Rebellion, Muslim authors of young adult fiction, and more.

herizons v34n2 (Sum20)2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Debbie Patterson, Helen Knott's Story of Resistance, The Sweet Music of Honey Jam, and more.

Contents include: articles on Reproductive Anticolonialism: Placental Politics, Weaponised Wombs and the Power of Abjection in the Early Spanish Mariana Islands, Prejudice and Protestations: Rereading Yu Xuanji's Poetry, For Girls who want to Rock…
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