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Contents include: articles on The Trouble with White Feminist Theologians? Decentring White Normativity in Feminist Theology; Feminist Theological Themes in the Biblical Art of Lilian Broca: From Lilith to Mary Magdalene; Immaculate Conception of…

Contents include: articles on The Divine Feminine in Christianity; Optics and Visio Dei: Interpretations of Female Mystic Art; The Unacknowledged Knowable Face of G*d: Health, Spirituality and Religious Life; and more.

Contents include: articles on Rosemary Reuther and Her Impact on Feminist and Ecofeminist Theology in Latin America; Honoring Rosemary Radford Ruether: Feminism Was Her Liberation; Toward a Counter-History of Christianity: Theologies and Critical…

Contents include: articles on The Western Revival of Goddess Worship; Holy Spirit Mother, the Baptismal Womb, and the Walesby Tank: Excavating Early Christian Women Baptizers; The Sin of Being Human? Christian Theological Response to Mental Illness;…

FemTheology 31.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Fragmented Voices with Guilt and Apologies: Interrogating Narratives on Ordination of Women in Nagaland Churches; Ritual Sequestration, Genital Cutting, and Hierodulic Servitude: A Triad of Feminist Dilemmas; Ministry…

FemTheology 30, 3.pdf
Contents include: “Gay Bashing” in Sacred Space: Lesbian Feminism and the Rise of Digital Violence; Trans Issues? Beyond a Hermeneutic of Mutilation; Stirring Being with Grace: A Queer Pneumatological Disruption of Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century…

Contents include: articles on Bleeding Women in Sacred Spaces: Negotiating Theological Belonging in the ‘Pathway’ to Priesthood,
My Grandmothers Baked Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: A Journey from Judaism to Goddess Spirituality,

Contents include: articles on
Ukukupukula Pampoto: Cultural Construction of Silence Regarding Gender-Based Violence among Pentecostal Married Women in Zambia,
Gender and Sexual Desire Justice in African Christianity,
Queer(y)ing Naga…
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