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Contents include: articles on Public Policy as Trans Harm: Troubling Administrative Governance through Transfeminist Sports Studies; Queer African Feminist Orientations for a Trans Sports Studies; Good Hair, Bad Math: Breaking Apart Gender on a…

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Contents include: articles on Provincializing Trans Studies; Crystal Labeija, Femme Queens, and the Future of Black Trans Studies; Program for a Transgender Existentialism; and more.

Contents include: articles on Introduction: TERFs, Gender-Critical Movements, and Postfascist Feminisms; Insidious Concern: Trans Panic and the Limits of Care; Pulpit of Performative Reason; and more.

Contents include: articles on Intersex Surgery between the Gaze and the Subject; Trans as Brain Intersex: The Trans-Intersex Nexus in Neurobiological Research; Proyecto Intersexual; and more.

Contents include: articles on Short-Circuited Trans Care, t4t, and Trans Scenes; The Affective Politics of Care in Trans Crowdfunding; “Necessary Bonding”: On Black Trans Studies, Kinship, and Black Feminist Genealogies; and more.

Contents include: articles on At the Margins of Time and Place: Transsexuals and the Transvestites in Trans Studies; (Trans) Sex Sells: Star Distributors Ltd. and Trans Sleaze; The Collective Scene: Transvestite Cabaret during the End of Francoist…

Contents include: articles on Fantasies of Valentina: RuPaul's Drag Race and the Performance of Trans/Queer of Color Spectacular Obfuscation; A Right to Transition?: Gender-Segregated Spaces and the Legal Construction of Transgender Identity; Trans…

Contents include: articles on Living in the Skin of a Theory: Incommensurability in Toni Cade Bambara's Salt Eaters: Toward the “Studies” of Trans Studies, Debris and Desire: Negotiating Erotic Spaces in Southwest China, One Transgender Community's…

Contents include: articles on Critical Trans Studies in and beyond Europe: Histories, Methods, and Institutions, Black Life, Trans Study: On Black Nonbinary Method, European Trans Studies, and the Will to Institutionalization, July 4, 1980: The First…

Contents include: articles on Chasing Papi: A Study in Virulence and Virtuality, Documenting the Dead: Call Her Ganda and the Trans Activist Afterlife of Jennifer Laude, Futuring Trans* in Pakistan: Timely Reflections, and more.
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