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Contents include: articles on Black Transfeminist Anarchism; No Blank Slates: Radical Trans Utopias and the Settler Colonial Imaginary; In My Mind There Is a Cemetery/Tengo un cementerio en la cabeza; and more

Includes articles on: Black feminist thought as a glitch in the university matrix; active listening and checking-in as feminist pedagogy against neoliberal university practice; abortion storytelling and the feminist imaginary; and more.

Includes articles on: the changing landscape of Mexican abortion activism; white wellness, Black feminism, and the politics of self-care; gender and the relational patterns of migration from Vietnam; book reviews; and more.

Includes articles on: Black queer/trans vernacular grammars; transfeminist Latinx America; liminal sciences and trans historiography; and more.

Contents include: articles on ‘we are not like them’: reinventing modernity within tradition in the debates on female khatna / female genital cutting in India; the Colombian Truth Commission’s work on reproductive violence: gendered victimhood and…

Contents include: articles on Conversation and Commentary: After ROE: Teaching and Researching Reproductive Justice; Singled Out and Mocked: Intersection of (Hetero)Sexism and Ableism and Mobilization of Anti-Discourses in Online Hatred towards…

Contents include: articles on The digital nesting of Black feminism; Decolonising demand for paid domestic work and childcare: Beyond dyadic relationships and Western models; Writing with an accent: Travelling scholars and xenophone scholarship; and…

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Contents include: articles on Lessons in Black Women’s Laughter:
A Play-Essay on Parisian Jazz Journeys; Jazz Organizations, Gender Disparities, and the Stereotyping of Black Women; (Re)Imagining Jazz Education through the Lens of Black Feminist…
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