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Contents include: articles on Gender differences in class engagement and disruptive school behaviour: boys’ susceptibility to peers’ motivation culture; Exploring adolescents’ perspectives of single-sex schooling: teetering amongst competing views;…

Contents include: Special Issue: Deconstructing Dobbs: Reproductive Rights in the Wake of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health and Beyond

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional (Feminist) Activisms Worldwide: Practices, Experiences and Critical Perspectives

Contents include: articles on Towards a Feminist Geo-legal Ethic of Caring Within Medical Supply Chains: Lessons from Careless Supply During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Ontological Governance: Gender, Hormones, and the Legal Regulation of Transgender…

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Contents Include:Research Articles Law, space and power: spatiality in the European Court of Human Rights judgments on homosexuality | Iiris KestiläAffectual intensities: toward a politics of listening in court ethnography | Sarah…

Contents include: articles on The Restoration of Native Sovereignty and Safety of Native Women; Indigenous Women-Led Discussion on Violence Against Rural Indigenous Women; The Trilateral Working Group on Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls;…

Contents include: articles on Migration, mobility and policy responses; The political effects of social attitudes; The cultural forms of gender; and more.

Contents include: articles on Public Policy as Trans Harm: Troubling Administrative Governance through Transfeminist Sports Studies; Queer African Feminist Orientations for a Trans Sports Studies; Good Hair, Bad Math: Breaking Apart Gender on a…

Contents include: articles on The Transformative Potential of Feminist Foreign Policy: The Case of Sweden; How Gender Affects Negative and Positive Campaigning; Critical Analysis of the Implementation of Clean India Mission in the Rural Areas: A…

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Contents include: articles on Exercising Sovereignty to Respect and Protect Native Women; Intersection of Movement and Advocacy For Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Relatives; Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) 2023; and…
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