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WAM 27_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Lessons in Black Women’s Laughter:
A Play-Essay on Parisian Jazz Journeys; Jazz Organizations, Gender Disparities, and the Stereotyping of Black Women; (Re)Imagining Jazz Education through the Lens of Black Feminist…

WAM 26-ToC.pdf
Contents include: Partial Special issue: Music, Sound, Maternity

WAM 25_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Gender Roles and Transformative Displays in the Christmas Bands Movement in Cape Town, South Africa, Survivors’ Songs in Opera: What the Vulnerable Voice Can Do, Black Women Rap Battles: A Textual Analysis of U.S. Rap…

WAM 24_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Florence Price and the hand of Black women's fellowship; women warriors' sonic practices of refusal in Capoeira Angola, reorienting diasporic memory in Israel, and more.

Contents include: articles on acoustic patriarchy, gender and sexuality in Mozart's work, Puerto Rican music, and more.

Contents include: special issue on race-ing queer music scholarship.
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