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Contents include: articles on Healing and Care; Abolition; Black Women in Translation; and more.

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Contents include articles on: Applying Black Feminist Theory to Research, Practice, and Advocacy on Gendered Racism among Black Women; Healing the Trauma of Racism and Sexism; a Case Study on Healing Intersectional Racial Trauma; and more.

Contents include: articles on Showcases of Empire, Epistemic Transformations, and the Contours of Resistance; Trans Visual Narratives: Representing Gender and Nature in Early Modern Europe; “Her Infant at Her Breast”: Breastfeeding as Survival and…

Contents include: articles on The Trans Lifewriting of Virginia Woolf and Maggie Nelson; Monstrosity, Masturbation, and Motherhood: Assia Djebar’s Fantasia and the Fight Over Algeria’s Body; Breathing Between the Lines: Diane di Prima and the New…

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional (Feminist) Activisms Worldwide: Practices, Experiences and Critical Perspectives

Contents include: articles on Experiences of female higher education academics in Zimbabwe: A decolonial feminist perspective; Feminist decoloniality as care in higher education; “It seems the women are taking over": Stereotyping around women in…

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Contents include: articles on Revisioning Richard Wright's Bessie; Richard Wright's Huntresses: A Transgenerational Experince; Uncle Tom's Daughter: Sarah versus the Enduring Misogyny of Wright's "Long Black Song"; and more.

Contents include: articles on Labor Organizer Nannie Helen Burroughs and Her National Training School for Women and Girls; "She's Been Doing Everything Right": Mothers of Color and Economic Violence; Erased by Respectability: The Intersections of…

Contents include: articles on Cross-Genre Explorations in Black British Narratives of Slavery and Freedom: Bernardine Evaristo and Andrea Levy; A Change of Perspective: Sharon Dodua Otoo’s Playful Rule-Breaking; Fracture Feminism: The Politics of…
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