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Contents include: articles on Fashionably Late Capitalism, Mommy Issues, Reading "Playboy" with Barbara Ehrenreich; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Audre Lorde, Labor Theorist: Rethinking Integrity within Late Capitalism; “Metabolize Hate or Die of It”: Lorde, Labor, and Affect Theory; Gadji Feminism(s) in Serbia: Racial Privilege and “Intersectional” Solidarity in…

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Contents include: articles onTransnational perspectives on gender, food and ecology.

Contents include: articles on The Place of Capitalist Self-Critique; Parties of Order Right and Left; After Liberalism ; and more.

Contents include: articles on “Caring for the Mine”: Women in Capitalist Accumulation in the Peruvian Andes ; Why Property Matters? New Varieties of Domestic Patriarchy in Turkey; Neglecting Reproductive Labor: A Critical Review of Gender Equality…

Contents include: articles on Rape and Reparations in Mexico,

Contents include: articles on Animals Are Comrades Too, No One Wants To Work Anymore, Bisexual World, Where Are You? and more.

Contents include: articles on The Feminist Gift Economy: A Maternalist Alternative to Patriarchy and Capitalism

Contents include: articles on affective archives in the afterlife of the Cambodian Holocaust, the discourse of trigger warnings, critical race theory and whiteness, and more.
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