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FRON 45.1_ToC.pdf
Includes articles on: materialist interventions and lessons in abolition feminisms from Desis rising up and moving; Muslim theologies and the struggle for abolition; against the creation of an Asian hate crime task force by the NYPD; and more.

FRON 44.3_ToC.pdf
Contains articles on: abolition, feminism, and Asian American politics; against trans inclusion in the military: a trans of color abolitionist critique; transformative justice and the politics of intergenerational healing; and more.

FRON 44.2_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Audre Lorde, Labor Theorist: Rethinking Integrity within Late Capitalism; “Metabolize Hate or Die of It”: Lorde, Labor, and Affect Theory; Gadji Feminism(s) in Serbia: Racial Privilege and “Intersectional” Solidarity in…

FRON 44.1_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on A Feminist Sexology Perspective on the Multifunctional Clitoris: Dispelling the Sole Purpose Myth; Black Feminists on Television in the 1970s; “Transgender Frogs Turn Your Son Gay”: Endangered Amphibians, Estrogenic…

FRON 43.3_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Utah Women’s Narratives: Narrative, Performance, and Collaboration; “Archipelagic Penal Spaces”: The Iraqi Muslim Woman and the Abject Female Soldier in Helen Benedict’s Sand Queen; Towards a Differential Ethics of…

FRON 43.3_ToC (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on Towards a Differential Ethics of Belonging in a Transnational Context: Navigating the Hong Kong Movement in the US in 2020 and 2021; “Archipelagic Penal Spaces”: The Iraqi Muslim Woman and
the Abject Female Soldier in…

FRON 43.2_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on "The Future is Latina": Feminist Borderlands and Latina Legislators, The Political Economy of Puto: Soccer, Masculinities, and Neoliberal Transformation in Mexico, Forgetting The Alamo and Male Privilege: Settler…

FRON 43.1_ToC.pdf
Contents include: Flipping the Script: Lesbian and Ex- Lesbian Child
Sexual Abuse Survivors’ Narratives, 1978–2003, Compromising Justice: Reproductive Rights Advocacy in the Time of Trump, Performing the State’s Desire: The Border Industrial Complex…

FRON 42.3_ToC.pdf
Contents include: special issue on Deterritorializing Frontiers: Opening Space for Dis(mis)located Voices

Contents include: articles on overcoming poverty and social risk, a queer politics of immigration, birth doulas, and more.
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