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Tulsa, vol. 43, no. 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Intersections of Maternity, Eugenics and Violence; Monuments and Moral Memory; and more

women_s reproductive health.jpg
Contents include: articles on Disabilities and Opioids among Pregnant Women; The Need for Mental Health Promotion Among Pregnant Women

women & health.jpg
Contents include: articles on What really matters for returning to work after breast cancer? A 6-month exploratory study; The relationship between primary ovarian insufficiency and gene variations: a prospective case-control study; The effect of…

Contents include: articles on The impact of relationship status on IVF patients’ quality of life; Improving menstrual health knowledge among girls from Iran: the effectiveness of educational health belief model; Assessing menopause symptoms in women…

Contents include: articles on Repeating Her Autonomy: Beauvoir, Kierkegaard, and Women's Liberation; Degrees of Care: Success, Recognition, and Completion; Marx, Malthus, and the Moral Economy of Reproduction; and more.

Contents include: articles on Patriarchal (Dis)orders: Backlash as Crisis Management; Pedagogy, Politics, and Betty Dodson’s Liberating Masturbation; Affective Dialogue: Building Transnational Feminist Solidarity in Times of War; and more.

Combined Front Matter.pdf
Contents include: articles on Toward a Critical Race Feminism Critique of Immigration Laws That Exclude Sex Workers; Asking the Muslim Woman Question: Understanding the Social and Legal Construction of Muslim Women; Willful Disregard: How Ignoring…

Title Table of Contents and Acknowledgements.pdf
Contents include: articles on Sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice in the war against Ukraine 2022; Measuring women’s agency in family planning: the conceptual and structural factors in the way; Ageing in obscurity: a critical…

FRON 44.2_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Audre Lorde, Labor Theorist: Rethinking Integrity within Late Capitalism; “Metabolize Hate or Die of It”: Lorde, Labor, and Affect Theory; Gadji Feminism(s) in Serbia: Racial Privilege and “Intersectional” Solidarity in…
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