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Contents include: articles on Archiving, Exhibiting, and Curating the History of Feminisms in the Global 20th Century.

Journal of Lesbian Studies 2023.pdf
Contains articles on: the negative effects of internalized homonegativity on sexual satisfaction, lesbian fandom and queerbaiting, Chicana lesbian desire as intervention and offering, poetry, interviews, and more.

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional (Feminist) Activisms Worldwide: Practices, Experiences and Critical Perspectives

Gender History - 2023 - - Issue Information.pdf
Contents include: articles on Women, Gender and Human Rights: Women's International Organisations and Solidarity with Chile; Whores Aboard and Laws Abroad: English Women and Sexual Slander in Early Colonial New South Wales; Wrinkles in Time: Old Age,…

Contents include: articles on Covid-19 and the Social Politics of Crisis; Care, Labour, and Social Policy; and more.

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Contents include: articles on European BIPOC Feminisms; Are Reindeer the New Buffalo?: Climate Change, the Green Shift, and Manifest Destiny in Sápmi; Flamboyant: Wildness, Loss, and Possibility in Feminist Organizing in the Netherlands; and more.

Contents include: articles on A Jewish Reclaiming of German-Jewish Women Thinkers; "I Am a Conscious Jew and an Austrian": Austrian Jewish Women Survivors in Post-Shoah Austria; The Invisible Anikó Szenes; and more.

FGS 39.1_ToC.pdf
Contents include: articles on Jewish Women and Intersectional Feminism: The Case of Bertha Pappenheim; Shame, Desire, and Queer Jewish Girlhood in Annette Eick's Semiautobiographical Fiction, 1929–1930; German, Jewish, and Female: Encounters with…
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