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JOURNAL OF Gender based violence.jpg
Contents include: articles on Bystander experiences of domestic violence and abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic; Ambivalent sexism, mental health and partner violence among opposite-sex and same-sex couples; and more

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Includes articles on: unscripting sexting in a Dutch school; exploring maternal selfie practices; women's experiences in game jams and video game communities; and more.

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Contents include articles on: climate change and women's health, decoding global reproductive health discourse on Reddit, comparative cross-sectional study on sexual function of couples during pregnancy, and more.

politicsa&gender 18.4.pdf
Contents include: articles on Experience, Knowledge, and Political Representation; Traditional Gender Attitudes, Nativism, and Support for the Radical Right; Out of the Shadows: The Women Countering Insurgency in Nigeria; and more.

FemTheology 31.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Fragmented Voices with Guilt and Apologies: Interrogating Narratives on Ordination of Women in Nagaland Churches; Ritual Sequestration, Genital Cutting, and Hierodulic Servitude: A Triad of Feminist Dilemmas; Ministry…

Contents include: articles on Polyamory in Paris: A social network theory application, He looks so cute: The discourse of heterosexual relationship initiation by female youth in Nigeria, Discourse and religious doctrine: Professional social work and…

Contents include: articles on Covid-19 in Pregnancy and Birth: "Midwives and other birthworkers around the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that has been shaking the world this year. This issue is focused on what is happening both in…

Contents include: articles on Reasons for the utilization of the services of traditional birth attendants during childbirth: A qualitative study in Northern Ghana, Knowledge and psychosocial needs of Latina breast cancer survivors with lymphedema,…

Contents include: articles on extractivism, resistance, and alternatives.
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