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hypatia, vol. 39, no. 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Authenticity, Morality, and gender Norms; Trans Epistemology and methodological Radicalism; Epistemic Diversity and Epistemic Advantage; and more

journal of gay and lesbian mental health.jpg
Contents include: articles on Mental health and social support experiences of transgender and gender nonconforming adults in rural America: A meta-synthesis; The impact of sexual orientation on how men experience disordered eating and drive for…

Sinister Wisdom.pdf
Contents include: lesbian poetry and fiction

Gender Place Culture.jpg
Includes articles on: regional geographies of sexual social media; lesbian, bisexual and transgender women's sexual subjectivity in Israeli rural space and periphery; gay/bisexual men and sexual racialization; book reviews; and more.

Includes articles on: sexual subjectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic; the persistence and endurance of blood family; on the role of intimate citizenship for transforming sexual subjectivities; and more.

journal of gender studies.png
Contains articles on: an exploratory study about the perceived impact of COVID-19 measures on women and men in Ukraine and Belarus; how Argentinian gay men negotiate COVID-19 protocols for hooking-up; politicization of hotel housekeeping in the Las…

Contents include: articles on Divine Intimacies: Tracing Gender, Sexuality, and Queerness in HIV-Positive Jamaican Women's Religious Experience; Children of the Sexual Politics of Abortion and Transition ; Settler-Colonial Elimination and the Dobbs…

Contents include: articles on Gender, Security, and Atomic Destruction in Louisa Hall’s Trinity; Rachel Cusk’s New Realism: Gender, Power, Voice, and Genre in the Outline Trilogy; The Opacity of the World: Zadie Smith’s Swing Time ; and more.

Journal of Lesbian Studies 2023.pdf
Contains articles on: the negative effects of internalized homonegativity on sexual satisfaction, lesbian fandom and queerbaiting, Chicana lesbian desire as intervention and offering, poetry, interviews, and more.

Contents include: articles on Behold! The Revolutionary Dreamer; From the Labor Bund to the Lesbian Bar; Forest Defense is Self-Defense; and more.
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