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Contents include: articles on Crafting the Intimate Body; Mapping Feminist Book Fortnight: Regional Activism and the Feminist Book Trade in 1980s Britain; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Female Candidate Performance and Gender Quotas: The Case of Ecuador; Doing More than Thanking Black Women: The Influence of Intersectional Solidarity on Public Support for Policies; Prone to Agreement: Does Context…

Contents include: articles on The 10th Anniversary of Religion and Gender, The Legacy of ‘Gender Ideology’, Beyond Anti-genderism, and more.

Contents include: articles on Marriage as Ruse or Migration Route: Jewish Women’s Mobility and Sex Trafficking to Argentina, 1890s-1930s, “In a distant unknown country:” A New Historicist Look at James Joyce’s “Eveline,” Argentina, and the Zwi Migdal…

Contents include: articles on The Issue of Abortion in Contemporary Brazil: An Analysis of Feminist Litigation in the Supreme Court, Punishing Mothers for Men’s Violence: Failure to Protect Legislation and the Criminalisation of Abused Women,…

Contents include: articles on domestic violence beyond representation, analyzing gender in "Wonder Woman," vulva-positive social media, and more.

Contents include: articles on reforming girlhood in colonial Lagos, colonial intimacies and gendered violence, wives in nineteenth century empires, and more.

Contents Include: heterosexual violence, body hair and shaming, gender demeanours in young women in Sri Lanka, and more.
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