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Contents include: Special Issue: Deconstructing Dobbs: Reproductive Rights in the Wake of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health and Beyond

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional (Feminist) Activisms Worldwide: Practices, Experiences and Critical Perspectives

Contents include: articles on The Transformative Potential of Feminist Foreign Policy: The Case of Sweden; How Gender Affects Negative and Positive Campaigning; Critical Analysis of the Implementation of Clean India Mission in the Rural Areas: A…

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Contents include: articles on Female Candidate Performance and Gender Quotas: The Case of Ecuador; Doing More than Thanking Black Women: The Influence of Intersectional Solidarity on Public Support for Policies; Prone to Agreement: Does Context…

Contents include: articles on The Ties that Bind: Public Opinion and Linked Fate among Women of Color; “What about the Rapists?” The Political Psychology of Women’s Policing Attitudes; Gender Candidate Evaluations and Campaign Donations; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Militarization and Gender Equality; There's no Women's Mafia: Women's Donor Groups in State Legislative Elections; Guy-Guessing Democracy: Gender and Item Non-Response Bias in Evaluations of Democratic Institutions; and…

Contents include: articles on Gender Role Violations and Voter Prejudice: The Agentic Penalty Faced By Women Politicians, Beyond Consensus: Gender, Chief Justices, and Leadership on State Supreme Courts, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes and Support for…

Contents include: Special Issue on Women of Color Political Elites in the US. Guest Editors: Nadia E. Brown, Christopher J. Clark, and Anna Mahoney.

Contents include: articles on how sex-objectification undermines political efficacy and engagement, navigating the double bind as a foreign policy decisionmaker, gender/entry/victory in state legislative primary elections, and more.
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