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Contents include: articles on European BIPOC Feminisms; Are Reindeer the New Buffalo?: Climate Change, the Green Shift, and Manifest Destiny in Sápmi; Flamboyant: Wildness, Loss, and Possibility in Feminist Organizing in the Netherlands; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Barriers to Family Planning Among Women With Severe Mental Illness; Rural-Urban Differences in Unintended Pregnancies, Contraceptive Nonuse, and Terminated Pregnancies in Latin America and the Caribbean; “Mommy’s Having…

Contents include: articles on Writing Our Way Home: Jewish Women's Post-Holocaust Diasporic Writing in Latin America, The Balkans and the Jewish World.

Contents include: articles on Doing, being and verbalizing: Narratives of queer migrants from Muslim backgrounds in Spain, Queer (post-)migration experiences: Mexican men’s use of gay dating apps in the USA, Queer heterotopias in “straight(ish)”…

Contents include articles on: the domestic workers’ strike: migrant women, social reproduction and contentious labour organising; regulating motherhood through markets: Filipino women’s engagement with microcredit; inappropriate(d) difference: notes…

Contents include: Special Issue: Toward Decolonial Feminisms: Tracing the Lineages of Decolonial Thinking through Latin American/Latinx Feminist Philosophy.

Contents include: articles on Cuir/Queer Américas: Translation, Decoloniality, and the Incommensurable.

Contents include: articles on The 10th Anniversary of Religion and Gender, The Legacy of ‘Gender Ideology’, Beyond Anti-genderism, and more.
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