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Herizons 37(4) Winter 2024.pdf
Contents include: Mexico decriminalizes abortion; all eyes on Palestine: the responsibility to witness suffering; Human Rights Commission charged with racism; and more.

Herizons 37(3) Fall 2023.pdf
Includes articles on: refusing the gaze: notes on self-care and looking away; how to say no; subverting Orientalism in desire; book reviews; and more.

Herizons v35n4 (Win22).pdf
Contents include: articles on How to Stop Cyber Misogyny, The Poetic is Political, Nancy Ruth: Force of Nature, and more.

Herizons v35n3 (Fall21).pdf
Contents include: articles on fourth wave feminism, feds anti-violence plan, Larissa Lai interview, and more.

Herizons v35n2 (Sum21), fin.pdf
Contents include: articles on When Kinship was Colonized, Rita Wong: The Poetry of Water, Female Friendship, and more.

Herizons v34n4 ( Winter 2021).pdf
Contents include: articles on Women & Weed, Kurdish Struggles Detailed in Epic Novel, Deconstructing Patriarchy, and more.

Herizons v34n3 (Fall 2020).pdf
Contents include: articles on Bringing Refugee Stories to Life, Why We Need a Resilience Rebellion, Muslim authors of young adult fiction, and more.

herizons v34n2 (Sum20)2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Debbie Patterson, Helen Knott's Story of Resistance, The Sweet Music of Honey Jam, and more.

Herizons Spring 2020 (1).pdf
Contents include: articles on Black beauty culture, tarot, feminism of comic creator Julie Doucet, and more.

Contents include: articles on Lindsay Wong, decolonizing child welfare, Phyllis Chesler, and more.
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