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Room 47.1 Utopia.pdf
Includes poetry, creative nonfiction, short stories, art, and more.

Herizons 37(3) Fall 2023.pdf
Includes articles on: refusing the gaze: notes on self-care and looking away; how to say no; subverting Orientalism in desire; book reviews; and more.

philosophia vol 14.pdf
Includes articles on: indigeneity at the limits of transculturation; trans poetics as trans philosophy; an experiment in pedagogical curating; and more.

women in higher ed logo.png
Contains articles on: empowering women leaders in higher education; furthering a social justice mission; bullying in the academy; and more.

Contents include: articles on Re-centering and recovering knowledge about climate-friendly agriculture: Learning from a woman African indigenous knowledge holder; Gender and climate change ‘through other eyes’: Grassroots women’s responses to…

Contents Comprendre l’inconduite sexuelle policière : une perspective canadienneSurrogacy in Canada: Lawyers' Experiences and PracticesDefamation as a Sword: The Weaponization of Civil Liability against Sexual Assault Survivors in the Post-#MeToo…

Contents include: articles on The Restoration of Native Sovereignty and Safety of Native Women; Indigenous Women-Led Discussion on Violence Against Rural Indigenous Women; The Trilateral Working Group on Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls;…

Feminist Anthropology - 2023 - .pdf
Contents include: articles on Conceptualizing the multispecies triad: Toward a multispecies intersectionality; Emotional Intimacy and the Black Matrifocal Family in Northeast Brazil; Technologies of protest in Irish abortion activism; and more.

feminist formations 35.1.pdf
Contents include: special issue On Decolonial Feminisms, Engagement, Practice, and Action.
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