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Contents include: articles on Department chair roles and responsibilities in women stem faculty career progression and success, psychological safety and team member effectiveness; and more

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Include Articles on: The Business of Sport; Women on the Move; Revolutionary Dreaming; and more

Includes articles on: UVA in the era of Shannon Library; let's talk about Title IX; join my mom and me for a coffee; and more.

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Includes articles on: gendered mobilities of cycle-touring women in Hainan, China; a family perspective on daily (im)mobilities and gender-disability intersectionality in Sweden; experiencing Amsterdam's Red Light District as a female resident; and…

Includes articles on: Black feminist thought as a glitch in the university matrix; active listening and checking-in as feminist pedagogy against neoliberal university practice; abortion storytelling and the feminist imaginary; and more.

Includes articles on: examining employment-based economic empowerment initiatives for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation; a qualitative analysis of the experiences of survivors of campus sexual assault; the rurality of intimate partner…

Includes articles on: the meaning of abuse for young Arab women in Israel; reconceptualizing resilience and vulnerability in liberal feminist discourse during the COVID-19 pandemic; gender mainstreaming in Albanian higher education institutions; and…

Includes articles on: decolonizing transnational feminism; experiences of gender studies scholars in Turkey; the roots of the revolutionary women's movement in 2022 in Iran; and more.

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Includes articles on: exploring gendered responses to sexual and gender based violence workshops in England and Ireland; women academics' perception and negotiation of work-life domains during the COVID-19 work from home era at an Australian regional…

Includes articles on: thirty-four years to graduation; on the poetry of Alice Fulton; visions for America in this election year; and more.
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