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feminist theory 25.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Geontopower as a feminist analytic: an interdisciplinary triangulation of women, water and feminist politics in India; Memory as a wound in words: on trans-generational trauma, ethical memory and artistic speech; Dadkhah…

Contents include: articles on Rape and social death; Crashing bodies: towards an intersectional assemblage theory of domestic violence; Abolition of the family: the most infamous feminist proposal; and more.

feminist theory 24.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on Rape and Social Death; Antigone re-imagined: Uprooted Women's Political Narratives; Making Feminist Sense in the Global South: A Conversation with Urvashi Butalia; and more.

feminist theory.pdf
Contents include: articles on The fetish economy of sex and gender activism: transnational appropriation and allyship; Speculative feminism and the shifting frontiers of bioscience: envisioning reproductive futures with synthetic gametes through the…

Contents include: articles on Queering the kinship story: constructing connection through LGBTQ family narratives; Mothering against motherhood: doula work, xenohospitality and the idea of the momrade; From the families we choose to the families we…

Contents include: articles on Becoming equals: the meaning and practice of gender equality in an Islamic feminist movement in India; On the beginning of the world: dominance feminism, afropessimism and the meanings of gender; Notes on not knowing:…

FemTheory 23, 3.pdf
Special issue on Theorizing Fashion Media, featuring guest editors Lise Shapiro Sanders and Ilya Parkins.

Contents include: Special Issue: Feminist Human Computer Interaction: Working at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Digital Innovation

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: Feminist Loneliness Studies.

Contents include: articles on Intersectionality in Digital Feminist Knowledge Cultures: The Practices and Politics of a Travelling Theory, In Defense of Not-Knowing: Uncertainty and Contemporary Narratives of Sexual Violence, On The Politics of…
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