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Contents include: articles on The fetish economy of sex and gender activism: transnational appropriation and allyship; Speculative feminism and the shifting frontiers of bioscience: envisioning reproductive futures with synthetic gametes through the…

Contents include: articles on Queering the kinship story: constructing connection through LGBTQ family narratives; Mothering against motherhood: doula work, xenohospitality and the idea of the momrade; From the families we choose to the families we…

Contents include: articles on Becoming equals: the meaning and practice of gender equality in an Islamic feminist movement in India; On the beginning of the world: dominance feminism, afropessimism and the meanings of gender; Notes on not knowing:…

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Special issue on Theorizing Fashion Media, featuring guest editors Lise Shapiro Sanders and Ilya Parkins.

Contents include: Special Issue: Feminist Human Computer Interaction: Working at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Digital Innovation

Contents include: articles on Special Issue: Feminist Loneliness Studies.

Contents include: articles on Intersectionality in Digital Feminist Knowledge Cultures: The Practices and Politics of a Travelling Theory, In Defense of Not-Knowing: Uncertainty and Contemporary Narratives of Sexual Violence, On The Politics of…

Contents include: articles on fitstagram diptychs and the enactment of cyborg embodiment, Colombian women's organized struggles, the interdependence of personal and collective trauma in the narratives of Bosnian women rape survivors, and more.

Contents include: articles on egalitarian politics of care, religion in feminism, the spacial politics of chick lit in Africa and Asia, and more.

Contents include: special issue called, "Haunting Encounters with Lesbian Ghosts"
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