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Contents include: articles on Queer Muslim Piety: The Hijab Practices of LGBTQ Muslims in Boston; Finding the Maternal Divine in the Contextual Realities of Motherhood; Nurturing Gender Justice: Qur'anic Interpretation and Muslim Feminist Thought;…

Contents include: articles on The Ferocious Medusa: The Petrifying, Apotropaic Gaze and Matrixial Vulva of Medusa, alongside Genital Display Figures; Navigating Consent: On Women’s Sexual Agency in the Premodern Islamic West; Reclaiming Yoga as a…

JFSR 38.2.pdf
Contents include: articles on Un/Queering Intersections of Religion and Pride, Touching the Past, or Reading as If It Matters Now; Finding Men in Menstruation: Resolving Bad Blood by Discovering Male Roles in the Purification Rituals of Leviticus 12;…

JFSR 38, 1.pdf
Contents include: Race, Racism, and the JFSR; Global Racism and International Publishing; Epistemologically Privileging Anger: Living With Cracked Containers in Feminist Scholarship; and more.

JFSR 37, 2.pdf
Contents include: “I Think God Is a Feminist”: Art and Action by Orthodox
Jewish Women; Companion Sex Robots: Racialized Household Economics; “The Revolution Will Wear Burkas and Bangles”: Feminist Care and Politics at Shaheen Bagh; and more.

JFSR 37, 1.pdf
Contents include: Imbusa as a Return to the Divine: Sexual Desire,
Gender, and Female Ritual in Bemba Mythology; To the Trans Woman Visiting Holy Cross Monastery for a Week I Pray Hard for Feathers; The Trauma-Informed Classroom; and more.

Contents include: Rethinking Women’s Suffering and Holiness: Gloria Anzaldúa’s “Holy Relics”; A Culture of Flourishing: A Feminist Ethical Framework for Incorporating Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Catholic Institutions; On COVID-19, U.S.…

Contents include: Tracing the Contours of a Half Century of Jewish Feminist Theology; Spirituality and Resistance; How We Wake Up to Racism; Unlearning What Is Learned: Teaching Islam in America in Light of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy; and more.

Contents include: Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza New Scholars Award First Place Co-Winner; curiosity and risk in feminist teaching and scholarship; feminist collaborations across generations, and more.

Contents include: African Christianity; subverting patriarchy through celibacy in India; representations of women and divinity in Medieval Tamil literature, and more.
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