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hcfwi 44.1-3.pdf
Contents include: articles on The threshold of global contributions: Theoretical, practice, and methodological; The impact of females’ economic well-being on fertility: Race and ethnicity; Encouraging breastfeeding; and more.

JFSR 37, 2.pdf
Contents include: “I Think God Is a Feminist”: Art and Action by Orthodox
Jewish Women; Companion Sex Robots: Racialized Household Economics; “The Revolution Will Wear Burkas and Bangles”: Feminist Care and Politics at Shaheen Bagh; and more.

Contents include: articles on how inner-city women experience and navigate police raids, criminal-legal system-impacted Black women's romantic relationship status and quality, decolonizing VAWA 2021: a step in the right direction for protection…

Contents include: articles on Women’s Income-generating Activity and Experiences of Economic Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Bangladesh, School Connectedness and STEM Orientation in Adolescent Girls: The Role of Perceived Gender Discrimination and…
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