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Contents include: articles on Resist and Rise: A Trauma-Informed Womanist Model for Group Therapy; Latina Students’ Post-IPV Healing: A Bodymindspirit Approach Using the ELLA-SANA Model; The Experiences of Syrian Mothers Who Are Refugees in Canada:…

Contents include: Special Issue: Intersectional (Feminist) Activisms Worldwide: Practices, Experiences and Critical Perspectives

Contents include: articles on Feminist pedagogy through the small fieldnote; At the Crossroads: Caribbean Women and (Black) Feminist Ethnography in the Time of HIV/AIDS; “Nothing Feels Better than Getting Paid”: Sex Working Trans Latinas’ Meanings…

Contents include: articles on (Un)Belonging: The Production of Black Trans Loneliness; Latinas Experiences with Sexual Satisfaction, Pleasure and Desire: An Exploratory Qualitative Study; Taking Care at Work: Gender, Coping, and Anti-Violence Work…

Contents include: Special Issue: Feminist Human Computer Interaction: Working at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Digital Innovation

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Contents include: articles on "The Future is Latina": Feminist Borderlands and Latina Legislators, The Political Economy of Puto: Soccer, Masculinities, and Neoliberal Transformation in Mexico, Forgetting The Alamo and Male Privilege: Settler…

Contents include: articles on The Double-Victimization of Criminalized Women in Neoliberal Contexts: The Case of Paraguay, Gender Neutrality and the Prevention and Treatment of Violence--A Dutch Perspective, National Interests Versus Women's Rights:…

FRON 42.3_ToC.pdf
Contents include: special issue on Deterritorializing Frontiers: Opening Space for Dis(mis)located Voices


Editors’ Introduction: Centering Latinas in Film and Media History | MARY BELTRÁN AND MIRASOL ENRÍQUEZ

“I Know I Can’t Wait to See My Name in Lights”: Nickelodeon’s Taina and Latina Television History | JILLIAN…

Contents include: articles on The Enactment of a “Postfeminist Sensibility”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Teens’ Constructions of Dating Abuse Among Their Peers, Using Anticarceral Feminism to Illustrate the Impact of Criminalization on the Lives…
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