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Contents include: articles on Gendered implications of new technologies and posthuman subjectivities: perspectives from the global South

Contents include: articles on Queering the kinship story: constructing connection through LGBTQ family narratives; Mothering against motherhood: doula work, xenohospitality and the idea of the momrade; From the families we choose to the families we…

Contents include: articles on Narrating Legal Reform: The Open Letter and the Anti-rape Movement in Perspective; Iron in the Soul: Two-Child Norm in Population Policies Again; Technology, Gender and Fishing in an Odisha Village; and more.

Contents include: articles on The gender and sexual politics of the COVID-19 pandemic; Spanish youth at the crossroads of gender and sexuality during the COVID-19 pandemic; When vulnerability got mainstream: Reading the pandemic through disability…

WomensStudiesInComm 45, 1.pdf
Special Issue: Collective Rage: Unpacking the Constraints, Privilege, and Roles of Academic Mothers During a Global Pandemic; and more.

Contents include: articles on Judicial Approaches to the Criminalisation of Marital Rape, Gender Discourses and the Making of the Indian Constitution, Gendered Technologies: Youth, Gender and Mobile Phones in Chennai City, and more.

Contents include: articles on Intersectionality in Digital Feminist Knowledge Cultures: The Practices and Politics of a Travelling Theory, In Defense of Not-Knowing: Uncertainty and Contemporary Narratives of Sexual Violence, On The Politics of…

Contents include: Special Section: Self-Tracking, Embodied Differences, and the Politics and Ethics of Health.

Contents include: articles on sonic cyberfeminisms
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